It's a new year . 2010 . a fresh start for most of us . but still I am so not excited about it .
In dec 09, people has been asking me what is my 2010 new year wish, I really can't think of any.
I just hope that everything goes in my way, but sadly i realise it doesn't work in the month of Jan...

Jan 2010 was a terrible month , i can said. nothing good seems to be coming my way.. guess my luck is still not there . let's wait and see, and hopefully things turn around for the better. Of course, I am not depressed by all this small events that nearly push me off the cliff, cos i got a huge support from all my friends and lovesss.. ( this is what i meant what friends and loves are for.. support you when you are down and share your happiness when things go well)

good news is that , i am left with only like 1 month to free myself from schooooool .. that's was so exciting !! and after feb, i can fully concentrate on my photography !!! that's was awesome . Has started to do some connection here and there and things goes well . and we ( hp and eddie) has completed our first mission in 2010 - Sara's wedding ( Creative Director) and we are the MAIN photographer for the actual day.. we worked non-stop for 15 hours and we still enjoyed it . and i can really tell you the pictures is awesome !!! ( personally i love it , so does eddie ) *anyway different people has different perspectives.

way to go . eddie and hp :)

*i am so in love being the actual wedding day photographer, cos it's really challenging and people won't really pose for you to take pictures, so act fast, think fast is the only way to go . and you will be amazed with those

perhapsLOVESunday, January 31, 2010


It has been months that I last login. Life is busy as normal. Busy with work, life, school, projects, friends, dating, events and lots and lots of photo shoot for friends and company events.

A quick summary of my happiness:

1) FINALLY . iphone for M1 is here and i have got it .. 3gs . 16gb .. black. thanks to hubby for the early Christmas present . he know i have been eyeing for long .. and he reserved and Queued to surprised me on the very first day of launch, Wednesday during my lunch. he just too sweet..

*now my family is full of iphone freak .. haha..

2) Went Phuket and DALA.. a surprise proposal by hubby . it meant to be a short trip to celebrate our 4th yr anniversary..

Time really pass..We started dating since October 2005 in my poly days, and now we are still madly in LOVE .. haha.. sweet..
Sometimes I really do wonder if I didn’t meet Mr. Tong , what will really happen? Still single ? or still has playful as usual ? hmm.. frankly speaking I'm glad with the love life that I am having now, we are like friends, enemies , lovers and kids . almost fooling and bullying each other.

I am really glad that I met him. Mr. Eddie Tong :)

3) went Macau with my family to celebrate my birthday .. a place that I didn’t even think of going cos first impression of Macau to me is gamble gamble and gamble. To my surprise, the place is beautiful , full of Portuguese style building and environment.. NICE.. and gambling is quite fun when I WON .. hahaha.

4) Eddie and I always wanted to try sometime different in those special day , such as celebration val day in Palau Ubin, and this time round we celebrate his birthday on a kelong trip in Malaysia. He always wanted to try fishing in the big sea. Now he know that it’s real tough. Standing in the rain, sun and holding the fishing rod can be a tiring chores, but I am glad that he enjoyed himself. The rewards is outstanding .. one full load of fish .. of course thanks to my daddy for helping :)

5) As for school , I am left with 2 modules to graduation .. I am glad that I have come this far after long torture of sleepless night and burn weekends… Hopefully, I can pass these last 2 modules with flying colors .. I really hate these 2 modules.. TOUGH and I seems to be losing the strength in studying ..

6) WORK ? tons and tons of chores to be cleared .. but glad that I have great colleagues to share burdens with.. and of course share grievances too .. hopefully , economics get better soon .. so more money can be coming my way.

7) Photography ? Glad that people out there like my work .. of course, there are definitely room for improvement.. will really concentrate on learning photography after my degree course..

perhapsLOVEMonday, December 21, 2009


i am soooo excited abt my trip this Thursday ..

will be meeting hubby at the airport after work.. luggage all packed :)

although this is not the first time that we went overseas together , but every trip to us are a meaningful ones especially this trip.. IT"S OUR 4th year anniversary !!!

oooo.. 4th years together.. phew.. and glad that we are still on-going ..

our next tough question is HDB ? KNS.. now is super expensive to purchase a flat .. we are not aiming for a condo but the price cost like condo .. wtf.

*we are really praying hard that the prices will decrease as both of us are not that rich..
how we wish that we are flirty rich.

* 4 more days to PHUKET !!!

perhapsLOVESaturday, September 19, 2009


i am soooo looking forward to sept and oct.. 2 different destination in each month ...

and i will be celebrating our 4 anniversary in Phuket !!! thanks hubby ..

simply adore him :)

perhapsLOVESunday, August 30, 2009


it has been a month since i last blog.

as we are still facing inflation n recession currently, guess my increment is not smiling to me for this yr. hopefully bonus is still on his way.

currently left with 4 modules at sch.. from 16 modules to 4 . i am amazed that i managed to come so far. when i first started this double major degree course (part time), i have no faith in myself that i can do well. i thought i will be just getting a pass or even worst, but guess god is good to me for all these years that i am able to get dist and credit so far. hopefully this good sign can prolong as long as possible.

as for photography - i missed out one paid event due to sch .. sucks .. but glad that my friend is able to take this deal :) hmmm. shld ask for commission next time when i have this type of lobang.

kind of disappointed that i am unable to help LQ take her wedding pics for actual day as i will be in Macau during that period. sigh .. really looking forward to see Raymond Pang's work for her wedding and Raymond himself to get more tips :) haha.. anyway, i am currently looking forward to my Macau trip and hopefully i can take wonderful pics there :)

Oh.. i was satisfied with my ZOOOO photo:) it turn out great ! but guess the duration in zoo is too short. i don't managed to finish the whole park. looking forward to visit Zoo again :)

next stop -> wil visit JBP again !!! ( defn after my heavy projects and exams..)

perhapsLOVESaturday, August 08, 2009


i am proud for mr. eddie tong during this very moment. he has fought a long way obtaining this certificate , a second upper class. All his hard work is being paid off in this very moment.

looking at his friends and him obtaining the certificate, i got the urge to complete my degree asap and attend my convocation. team- let's us work hard and attend the convocation together .. looking forward to it :)

On the other hand, i am also looking forward to prepare for my wedding ( hmm, in 2 yrs time.. hmmm... i wonder)

perhapsLOVEWednesday, July 15, 2009


the sentosa trip with the boys are fantastic !!! although the sun that day is freaking HOT ..
But we still have fun, we have sun , we have laughter in the sun !!!!!!

like what I have promised, have taken tons of pics for them, and I am soooo glad that they LOVE it.. will continue to do their 2nd photo shoot perhaps next week or the week after (need to get it done before school reopens)

Mn & Kv : Let’s do your photoshoot next week ya.

* back to tons & tons of photo editing ... (especially the Malacca trip ..it has been delayed for sooooo LOOOOONG .. oppsss)

perhapsLOVESaturday, July 04, 2009


his princess
in my fairytale land
13th oct

my prince
eddie tong
my life changes when i met him
happiness 4 ever

allegic to ah lian~~~ (she is de one)
creepy crawlies
ppl stepping on my shoes
talk without thinkin
respect others , n urself

happiness is what i wanted

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